School stories

While most of the International School students enjoyed the beginning of the half term break, Maša Mitić, Luka and Dejana Trunić, Sara Čučaković, Aleksandra Ivanović, Iva Pavlović, Iva Jevtić, Anja Gajić and Luka Vortić stepped away from their parents, moved outside their comfort zones and faced new challenges and adventures.

After the physical activities, the improvement of various skills in sports, music and art, and all the charity work, it was time for the most challenging task of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award – the Adventurous Journey.

International School students took part in a real adventure! On Mount Povlen, near the city of Valjevo, students camped overnight, like true nature explorers! During the day they learnt how to orient themselves in nature, how to make a campfire and how to prepare food in challenging conditions.

The students learnt more about the environment, developed self-confidence and teamwork, and improved their health:

Before this trip, we were not even aware of how much we could change our attitude and mental structure. The whole experience was very favourable for us; we learnt that there are a lot of things we can live without. We managed to change the whole mindset in three days, which is really amazing. Despite all the struggles, the cold, the heavy backpacks, preparing food in challenging conditions, climbing slippery slopes – we will remember this adventurous journey and retell it many times – that’s for sure, Maša Mitić said.

The compass showed north, the map had a walking route drawn, and our students showed that they were the bravest among the brave.

Even though it was raining, the students walked many miles. Therefore, we congratulate them on this endeavor; we are proud of them! We are sure that this adventure will be another proof of their success and competencies, which will give them major advantage in future applications at prestigious universities.