School stories

On Friday, 16 October, International School’s executive manager and school counsellor were the guests of honour at an event organised by our partner institution Via Academica.

This year, many universities have changed their practices and the entry requirements set for their future students. The International School was one step ahead of everyone – in cooperation with a partner network of prestigious universities and their representatives, the International School has created subject bundles that will allow our students to obtain the Cambridge AICE Diploma and have their choices recognised when enrolling at universities both in Serbia and abroad.

Do you know which subjects to choose for a particular university? Do you know what a motivation letter should look like? Do you know how to apply for a visa or a scholarship? We do!

Via Academica and over 40 universities from all around the world recognised the International School as a partner and an ally in the implementation of modern education. This event was an extraordinary opportunity for us to become even better.