School stories

Business teacher, Tatjana Vilček, decided to bring a little bit of excitement to a regular revision lesson. They were revising Marketing but in a fun way. Yes, revision can be fun.

What’s the odds of Marketing crossing your mind when we say trash cans? There isn’t one, right? Or maybe…

Ms Tatjana divided Year 13 students into two teams and gave them one rubber ball. Three trash cans representing markets, worth 5, 10 and 20 points, respectively, were placed on the teachers desk in the middle of the classroom. The students were then asked Marketing AS questions and the team who responded correctly were able to throw the ball in one of the cans. Team One won the challenge and were given activity grades.

This was more fun than regular revision since students were highly motivated to answer the question correctly and win points by throwing the balls into the cans.

Applying some creativity to revision will help to engage the brain and stay focused. Even though some students think there is only one way to study – reading and writing notes – the Business teacher has other ways of helping them become “exam fit”.