School stories

This year, from 24 to 27 March, the 53rd Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament Serbia was organized in Belgrade. This was also the 100th conference of this organization.

The European Youth Parliament Serbia (EYP) is a non-governmental, non-profit, and youth organization that brings together young people across Europe to work together to solve global problems and bring change to their society. This session gathered over 120 people from all over Europe in our city, and part of the session took place on the premises of our school.

Laughter, music, and a discussion about the most important topics in Europe

If you passed by International School on Friday, 27 March 2022, you could hear laughter, hurried steps through the school, good music, and discussions about European events it was the participants of the European Youth Parliament in International School who held workshops, meetings, and entertainment and recreational activities as part of a team-building event.

The future is in safe hands

Among the participants of the European Youth Parliament were students from International School, so we got insight into the students’ experiences firsthand. This is an event that will definitely improve student participation in decisions that affect us all. We had the opportunity to see and hear these young people and believe us when we say, the future of European values ​​is in safe hands!