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From March 21-27, 2022, we celebrated European Money Week. Activities within the European Money Week are aimed at improving financial literacy among young people. This year, the Association of Serbian Banks organized this event for the eighth year in a row, and for five years now, the European Money Quiz competition has been taking place for students from Serbia.

The European Money Quiz is Europe’s financial literacy contest that attracted nearly half a million students via the Kahoot platform. International School’s students couldn’t resist this challenge during the European Money Week.

Kahoot is no stranger to us, and YouTube has become part of our everyday lives – and we practiced, remember? We really had no excuse to miss this quiz and have fun along the way!

The bravest ones set up their mobile phones and laptops, stretched their fingers and reminded themselves of all those creative lessons from business – the official competition for students across Serbia could begin!

International School students in the top 20!

We cheered and even got a little nervous when we weren’t the fastest, but when the quiz was over, we had plenty of reason to celebrate! All students of the International School saw their codes on the screens. If you haven’t played the Kahoot quiz yet – we’ll tell you a secret – all students were in the top 20 students out of over 200 participants!

We learned a lot about money, but we also reported so much that we can’t wait for next year and show how important financial literacy is.