School stories

After the success of the students of the International School on the European Money Quiz, the bravest ones showed their skills in business and economics in the next phase of the competition The Stock Market Game – InvestWrite!

The SIFMA Foundation, which introduces almost 20,000,000 students to the world of economics and investing, offers programmes and tools for financial education that strengthen economic opportunity across communities and increase individuals’ awareness of and access to the benefits of the global marketplace. Furthermore, participation in the Stock Market Game provides them with the essential skills that help individuals improve their understanding of personal finance and make sound decisions which will ensure lifelong success.

As part of the InvestWrite phase, students were tasked with writing an essay in which they would critically evaluate their activities in The Stock Market Game.

Students showed amazing knowledge of business and economics

Students Vuk Banduka and Damjan Vezenkoski showed an enviable knowledge of business and economics, which is why their works stood out and directly qualified for the review of the expert jury. In addition to perfecting their skills in financial literacy, critical thinking and research, International School students took this opportunity to have fun.

Fascinating, fun and educational experience that is not gained in ordinary schools

Damjan Vezenkoski has shared with us his impressions of the InvestVrite competition:

“The InvestWrite Competition was a great learning experience for me. There I got a chance to learn stuff that is not taught in ordinary schools and reflect on my past knowledge from the Stock Market Game Program, which my school offers, and also an opportunity to really improve my research skills.”

We can only congratulate Vuk and Damjan and wish them success in their future endevours with finances and business.