School stories

Have you ever wondered what you can accomplish in seven seconds? Make a first impression? Send a message? Take a selfie? Not much can be done in such a short time, right? However, for Tea Ćulibrk, Year 11 student, seven seconds is ample time to take one to great lengths!

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The pool at Košutnjak’s National Training Centre hosted the Serbian 5 km Championship, in which Tea triumphed in front of her opponent with a seven-second advantage and reached the gold. Being a brilliant athlete and a hardworking student is a bit difficult, but Tea keeps managing her commitments perfectly, just like her older sister Tara Ćulibrk – another successful swimmer, a former International School student, now a student at Denison University.

Tea triumphed in front of her opponent

Congratulations, Tea! We are so pleased to see you accomplish great things and push the boundaries!