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Do you know that there is a global day dedicated to nice words? Yes, exactly – today is Say Something Nice Day, a day when we share words of gratitude, support, kindness and humour. Today is a global day of positive vibrations which we send when we’re affectionate to others; when we make others laugh; when we use words to show love and warmth.

We love celebrating days like these at the International School. So, it’s our pleasure to share with you the kind words sent by our students.

Say Something Nice Day

What’s the origin of Say Something Nice Day?

Mayor Keith Summey of North Charleston, South Carolina, proclaimed 1 June as Say Something Nice Day in recognition of the communication efforts of Dr. Mitch Carnell, founder of the day. Carnell is also the author of Say Something Nice: Be a Lifter at Work, a book that sends the message that we should be optimists; people who inspire with their words and approach. This idea truly deserves a global day, and the International School supports initiatives that can make someone’s day better.

Let’s use the power of positive words

Say Something Nice Day is there to remind us how important it is to be affectionate, kind, warm, and full of positive energy. Words are a powerful means we can use to make the world a better place, provided we use them in the right way.

What did our students say about this day?

Helena Č. Ms Zorana, our principal is so nice and always willing to help us and make this school more fun and interesting!

Tara C. At this school, I like the teachers because they are kind, they always understand us and they help us. This school is modernly designed.

Sofia Z. I love the teachers and the positivity that they spread, in almost every class there is a great atmosphere. They are really patient and try hard for us to learn everything. Teachers love to talk to us as well as give us advice. This school is an amazing place where we not only study but make friends.
We visit so many cool and amazing places, and our principal Zorana, as well as Neda and Dusanka, is always willing to help and make everyday activities more fun and enjoyable.

Lazar J. The distance learning platform is cool and students can see their grades and the classes they have for the week. Also, there’s the live streaming option which allows you to watch the lessons in real time when you’re not at school.

Lena S. This school is a very happy place because teachers are young and they are closer to our mindset.

Mia A. The school provides us with future opportunities, therefore this school is one of the best options, when considering which school you would like to enrol in.

May your words always be calm, pleasant, fun, cute and friendly; may your communication style be based on the Say Something Nice idea.

Let’s make each other smile and let’s be kind to each other – on 1 June and any other day of the year!