School stories

Last Friday’s Global Perspectives lesson was a bit different than usual. Year 11 students Mila Šćepanović, Gala Milutinović and Rastko Savić joined the Year 10 online class and conducted projects for their younger schoolmates. 

Gala and Mila raised awareness about bad eating habits and obesity, and other health issues that are connected to obesity. Rastko on the other hand focused on the illegal market of drugs. He was doing some research and presented to Year 10 students different cultural perspectives and approaches to the illegal selling and buying of drugs with the aim of explaining how countries deal with this issue. 

Gala, Mila and Rastko created successful projects which everybody enjoyed. Year 10 students learnt how to create the outcomes and how to collaborate and prepare for the Global Perspectives exam. These instructive projects were also a useful way of making online lessons more interactive and interesting.