School stories

Even if you don’t remember the success of our students in the spring season of the StemCo science competition, they are still here to remind us in the fall season that: out of 34 entries, students of International School won 29 awards and honorable mentions in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

29 awards in STEM competitions

Yes, you’ve heard right – 29 awards for students of International School!

Students were given 40 questions in each subject. Given the fact that the questions refer to problem solving, students were unable to seek out correct solutions. Moreover, students had limited time to solve tasks, and their overall score declined with each passing minute.

This did not prevent them from demonstrating exceptional scientific and problem-solving skills. The online competition was both fun and useful.

Certificates for our straight-A students

In addition to the certificates, the students also received personalized progress reports with a detailed overview of their competencies within the given areas. Students who were prepared to try themselves out in more than one competition received more certificates, which will certainly prove useful when applying to renowned universities.

Special commendation for our Year 10 student, Petar Jovanovski, who did something exceptional that only 30% of students in the world are capable of – demonstrating extraordinary knowledge of both biology and chemistry.

Congratulations to all students on their exceptional success and demonstrated competencies!