School stories

Students of the International School now traditionally participate in creative and innovative activities during the science fair.

The latest STEAM fundraiser fair in which we took part is unique because it is not just educational – it’s a charity event in which International School students have once again shown that they have essential values and traits – humanity and compassion.

STEAM Fundraiser fair

International School students are fostering praiseworthy personalities

In order to add a little magic to these Christmas holidays, we combined nice and useful elements to amazing results – broadened knowledge and help for those in need. The students evaluated the quality of activities by donating funds for the treatment of Ognjen Milčić, a boy with diffuse leptomeningeal glioneuronal tumour, who needs treatment abroad.

Moreover – remember that STEAM includes art, which inspired creativity in our students. Thanks to the YOUth Forum club run by the students of the International School, an auction of students’ art work was organised, and all the money raised was donated for the treatment of little Ognjen.

STEAM science fair for our versatile students

You may have thought until now that Christmas magic and science have nothing in common. However, did you know that certain chemical reactions, with temperatures reaching over 1000 degrees, and with the help of strontium nitrate, sodium nitrate and barium, create all those beautiful colours in the night sky when we light up the fireworks?

STEAM sciences (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) provide students with the opportunity to best express their creativity, innovation, problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

This year, our students had the opportunity to do experiments in chemistry, research blood types in biology, but also to find their way out of the classrooms, as part of the Escape Room activities.

We spiced up these New Year’s and Christmas holidays with science and made the holiday magic even more beautiful!

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