School stories

The first lecture as part of the “Parents teach this week” project by Parent Support Coordinator, Ms Tatjana Koluvija, took place at the International School. The school’s guest was the mother of Year 11 student, Petar Janjanin, Ms Lidija Janjanin, a medical doctor and clinical research manager.

This week’s topic was about drug testing and Covid-19 vaccine testing. Ms Lidija talked about medical procedures performed to detect, diagnose, or monitor diseases, disease processes, testing phases, the pharmaceutical industry and its legislation. The students were informed about the drug development – the journey of a medicine from lab to shelf.
One part of this lecture was dedicated to the importance of wearing masks.

About the project

The main goals of this project are to support students to think about professional orientation and their future career, and to raise awareness about different professions. It provides students with an up-close and personal view of a wide variety of jobs.

The project supports communication among the school and the parents, and makes stronger bonds in the Parent-Teacher-Student triangle.

The students were excellent in asking reasonable questions and making a constructive discussion. We can’t wait for next week’s lecturer and another interesting topic.