Quality education and our students’ accomplishment is the greatest confirmation of our success. This is why out first and utmost goal is to fulfil the mission and make our students the citizens of the world, who are going to be role models to all future generations in displaying knowledge, ideas and manners.

If you see yourself as a teacher who is able to contribute to our school ethos and our mission, apply for a job. We need teachers who are elite without being elitist and who can rightly serve as role models to their students by honouring work habits, responsibility, ethics and academic aspiration.

To become a teacher at Savremena, you should assume the following responsibilities:

  • Teaching in line with the subject allocation and timetable;
  • Attending panel exams, grade exams, final exams and other, as agreed with the School Council;
  • Contact hours with the students in clubs and other extra-curricular activities;
  • Planning and lesson preparation according to the curriculum objectives (Serbian or Cambridge);
  • Student and teacher mentorship, and cooperation with the parents and the faculty;
  • Building school ethos by developing projects and other curricular and extra-curricular activities;
  • Other as required.

To be eligible for a teaching position, you should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • At least BA/BS in the corresponding field of study;
  • Knowledge of English at B2 level of CEFR;
  • Advanced understanding of the classroom use of new technologies;
  • Patience, energy, communication and commitment to work at school;
  • Openness towards adopting novel methodological approaches;
  • Mental and physical capacity to work with children.

In order to apply, please send the following documents:

  • CV;
  • Academic certificate;
  • Letter(s) of recommendation, awards, diplomas and other supporting documents, if available.

Cambridge programme


Oglas Physics Teacher





Oglas-SG Computer science



Oglas-SG Maths


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