profesoriNaš tim čine predavači koji poseduju sve kvalitete da učenicima budu i uzori i autoriteti. Posvećeni su i motivisani za to da kod svakog učenika

Teachers in our team have all the qualities which uphold them to be role models and authority figures to our students. They are dedicated and motivated to inspire every student to learn, develop and make progress. Our teachers are aware of the fact that every child has special talents that can be kindled if appropriately approached.

Our employment criteria are quite strict. The teachers are expected to have a variety of personal and professional skills, which can meet the requirements of our school.

Must-have qualities of a teacher at International School Savremena:

  • Advanced pedagogical knowledge
  • Orientation toward mentorship
  • Orientation toward teamwork
  • Orientation toward cooperation with parents in the educational and pedagogical process
  • Orientation toward interactive work with students
  • Dedication to developing teamwork and group work
  • Genuine dedication to students’ education
  • Genuine dedication to students’ practice
  • Ability to independently evaluate students
  • Ability to appreciate and encourage development of sports activities
  • Ability to ethically influence students by setting a good personal example and providing due advice

Must-have requirements for new teachers:

  • At least BA/BS in the corresponding field of study;
  • At least 5 years of teaching experience;
  • Knowledge of English at B2 level of CEFR;
  • Advanced understanding of the classroom use of new technologies;
  • Patience, energy, communication and commitment to work at school;
  • Openness towards adopting novel methodological approaches;
  • Mental and physical capacity to work with children.

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