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Dear student,

The fact that you have landed on this page means that you want more from your education. You’re in luck, because International School is the right place for you! Five days a week, it is your home away from home, a place where you spend your time learning and socialising.

At this school, a student always comes first, classes are small and teachers are friendly. The curriculum is kept interesting because our teachers strive to present even the dullest of units in an intriguing way. Essentially, the teachers are there to recognise your talents and enable you to build upon them. Should you run into trouble with the subject matter – don’t worry. The teachers will always find time to be there for you and help you work through any difficulties. Teaching is interactive and dynamic, and modern technology is used inside-out. This means that each student gets a tablet to use while studying at International School, whiteboards are available in all classrooms, and during non-teaching hours, you can spend your time in the learning centre or school canteen.

All teaching resources are available online and accessible from home. Active athletes will be glad to hear that International School catch-up mechanisms for all missed lessons. Teaching materials and homework assignments are available online but you can also contact teachers by chat or email, and arrange tutorials or consultations.

Although we are fully focused on learning, the school life is anything but boring. We are always looking for innovative ways to make it enjoyable and interesting, such as field trips, clubs and sports events. The school organises a variety of happenings that you can take part in: parties, competitions, concerts and other cultural events.

To be happy, successful and enthusiastic about school means that the school is a place where you feel good about yourself. Fitting well into a new school is one of the reasons for you to feel good. We don’t think it would be a problem because in International School you will find the like-minded – young and ambitious lovers of learning, technology, social science, sports, arts and entertainment… We sincerely believe that you will create life-long friendship bonds at this school.

Still, new beginnings might be difficult. We do understand that some students can not build new friendships easily. Even if you don’t fit in well immediately, don’t worry! We’ll help you by offering group activities, peer-mentoring and, if you still find it difficult to fully relax and bond with your classmates, our counsellors are there to guide you. With our assistance, you will let your new friends to know you better. We are sure that will be more than enough for them to get to like you.

Take a look at the other pages about our school and let us convince you to join us.

With kind regards,

International School

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