Health truly is the greatest wealth one can have and that’s why it’s very important that we work together in maintaining and improving our good health. In addition to providing a healthy environment for our students we also care for their general health at all times.

In order to provide the best possible medical care to our students and make sure that their immune system is strong, we have partnered up with the “MediGroup Bulevar“ Health Centre. This partnership allows our students to receive the best available healthcare at a discount.


What does Savremena’s student healthcare programme include?

Prevention is half the cure which is why it is important to maintain our students’ health continuously. Savremena’s studentw will learn how to improve their health, and in if they need to seek medical attention, they will be treated by renowned experts and the MediGroup Bulevar Healthcare Centre.

Savremena’s student healthcare programme includes:

  • Regular medical check-ups – specialised and diagnostic check-ups that are essential during a student’s development in order to monitor their health and prevent diseases;
  • Educational lectures and presentations – by learning about different kinds of health issues and forms of protection, students will be able to protect themselves from possible diseases in order to stay healthy;
  • Immediate medical attention – while they are at school, or outside of it, during trips and excursions, students will be able to seek medical attention for whatever they may need, be it advice, a check-up or anything else, they will have a doctor to turn to.

Special benefits for Savremena International School students

zdravljeAll of the aforementioned services are available to our students at discount prices, designed especially for their needs.

The regular medical check-up thus includes a complete check-up with a laboratory analysis, a dermatology check-up, an ophthalmology check-up, an otorhinolaringology check-up a physiotherapy check-up and a general check-up with an ECG and medical consultation.

MediGroupa normally charges all of these services separately, but they have created a unique packages for Savremena’s students thanks to which they will receive a great package discount.

In addition, all other medical services and interventions are available to our students at a 20% discount.

Only the best for our students: The MediGroup Bulevar Healthcare Centre

Aiming to ensure only the best for ourstudents, Savremena International School has partnered up with the Bulevar Healthcare Centre which is a part of the largest private healthcare system in Serbia, namely MediGroup.

MediGroup’s facilities boast state-of-the-art diagnostic and high-quality equipment as well as an expert team of medical professionals offering services in over 20 different branches of medicine.

The medical services of this prestigious institution uphold the highest medical standards in Europe which makes MediGroup the perfect choice for Savremena International School students.

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