Research has shown that many students already become dissatisfied with the school they are attending in Year 11, and reconsider changing the route of their education. Such indecisiveness affects future professional success. Therefore, it is very important to help children develop responsibility towards their decisions and choices.

On the other hand, at the end of primary school, children are not yet mature enough to independently make important decision such as choosing their future profession. The right choice allows children to fulfil their work potentials, make their wishes come true and find themselves. Parental assistance is crucial here.

Parent’s tasks regarding choice of profession

  • Together with the child, objectively evaluate the child’s abilities and characteristics, as well as the demands of the future school. Take into account earlier curriculum, extracurricular activities and free time you spent together.
  • Help your child gather information about school and profession.
  • Talk to others (family members, close friends, homeroom teacher, other teachers and school counselors) about the child’s abilities, interests and knowledge.
  • Provide support to the child in all activities in order to confidently make the right decision.

Mistakes that must be avoided

  • Wanting your child to inherit your profession at any cost, without having the necessary skills, interests, habits or knowledge.
  • Wanting the child to avoid your profession at all costs because you are dissatisfied with your choice and career.
  • Wanting to fulfil your own unfulfilled wishes and goals through your child.
  • A wish to impose upon your child the professions that you deem more valuable, better or more esteemed, regardless of the child’s wishes and abilities.
  • Letting the decision rest entirely upon the child because you do not want to impose your will or exert pressure.

Ask your child

Studies have shown that a large number of excellent students from elementary school have learning difficulties because of underdeveloped skills relevant for a specific school, or the wrong choice of secondary school. Start the conversation about the future studies using two seemingly simple questions that will clarify the dilemma:

  • What are you good at, what are you interested in and what is important to you more than something else?
  • What inhibits you and keeps you from expressing knowledge and skills in the best possible way?

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