Dear parents,

Thank you for your consideration and your interest in International School. Choosing the right school for secondary education represents a turning point in the life of every young person. We believe that your involvement in this process is extremely important. We appreciate that you support your child in starting a new, most important adventure in life with an attitude. Allow us to explain, in a couple of sentences, why we believe we are the best choice for further education of your child.

The founder of our school is the multinational company LINK group, which successfully operates in education and certification in the field of information technology and modern business, with the mission of raising the level of professional, higher and secondary education. We recognise the current trends and offer the best conditions for learning and training, which is a passport to the world of young and successful business people.

Our educational philosophy leans on the belief that people should develop both personally and professionally, that diversity should be respected and that success should be deserved. We, therefore, insist on having fun, but also discipline, on the sound spirit, but also sound body.

Our internationally-recognised diploma opens the door to the best universities in the country and abroad. As a privilege, our students can continue their education within our system, at the Information Technology School, which has been collaborating for years with prestigious international companies and institutions such as Microsoft, Adobe and the University of Cambridge.

Our goal is to join forces with you and build the foundations upon which your child’s safety, independence and desire to explore and learn will rest. Allow us to participate with you in this guiding process and to help bring your child’s intellectual potential; to help them recognise their interests and abilities and, most importantly, understand the importance of learning and education.

Finally, we would like to ask you to give us a call and arrange a meeting with International School’s management, so that together, we can find the best solution for your child and our student.

Sincerely yours,

International School

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