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The Winter season of the “StemCo” competition was held from 19 to 28 February 2023, and International School and ITHS students showed all their talents. Together they won 52 awards! Yes, you read it right.

The competitions were useful and fun, and the students could access the competitions that included tasks from various subject areas, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology by logging in on the competition platform using their login details from any location.

The questions required problem-solving skills, and the students weren’t able to find the correct answer online; however, they could use books, textbooks and the Internet to look up all the information that they needed in order to get the correct answers.

Thanks to many years of success, our students got the opportunity to create tasks for future participants

Thanks to the success our students achieved throughout the years, “StemCo” organisers recognised our students’ potential and invited them to be the ones preparing the questions and problem situations for their peers from all over the world. Year 12 students, Isidora Šušović and Grigor Pantelić will put their knowledge into use and prepare questions other students will enjoy solving. And they will get paid for it!

Congratulations to all students on their awards, and to Isidora and Grigor as well who will collaborate and grow with the brightest minds in the world! We are so proud of you!