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International School students won 23 medals in total in the StemCo competition and we cannot be more proud! Yes, you read it right.

StemCoThe Fall season of StemCo competition was held from 17 to 23 October 2022 and International School students used this opportunity to show their peers from all over the world how talented they are. The students completed the tasks from subject areas such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology and they could access the competition from any location. They got 40 multiple-choice questions from each subject area and since the questions required using problem-solving skills, the correct answers couldn’t be found online. The students could use books, textbooks and the Internet to look up all the information that would be of use to them.

Thirteen bronze, nine silver and one gold medal for International School students in the StemCo competition

We’ve already gotten used to International School students achieving magnificent results in this competition, and this time was no exception as well. The students won thirteen bronze medals, nine silver medals and one gold medal.

The students had great fun competing and in that way, they also contributed to the overall improvement of their knowledge and skills in the given subject areas.

Congratulations guys! We already knew that you would nail it even before the competition started!