RedovnoSkolovanjeIn order for students to enrol into the full-time programme, they have to pass two phases of admission so as to provide the school with the necessary information, documents and evaluation.

Depending on the programme the student chooses, national or international, and the tuition package they opt for at the beginning of the school year, they will receive an ID card, study materials, the school uniform, a tablet and a Google Apps account so that they can download apps and use the Internet platform.

The school day begins at 8:30 a.m. when students register by swiping their card through an electronic sensor at the front door. In the hallway, there are lockers where students can leave their personal belongings and pick-up the materials they will be using during the school day. Lessons are conducted in modern classrooms.

Our school also features subject rooms such as a science room, an IT room, a learning centre and a library. Students are provided with a tablet, which they can use throughout their schooling to access the online learning platform as well as email and chat services. Every theoretical segment of a study unit has its practical counterpart, students will thus attain comprehensive insight into the topic they are studying. What sets this school apart is not only its modern approach to teaching, but also its forward-thinking teachers who, as mentors, help students find their motivation for personal development from within. They also inspire students to learn more and attain new skills.

There are three breaks in the course of a day: two shorter ones and lunchtime. During lunch, meals are served in the school restaurant. Lessons end in the afternoon, after which students may choose among attending one of the clubs, remedial or extended lessons and consultations with teachers. In addition to regular academic activities, Savremena International School organises visits to various cultural events, sporting events, concerts and theatre performances. Our school also hosts lectures by guest speakers in various fields, through which our students enrich their knowledge and culture.

Savremena International School has an advantage over other secondary schools in that we offer lessons in Serbian and in English, we recognise and help develop the talents of our students, offer multidisciplinary knowledge, increase their general knowledge and help develop their social skills.

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