School stories

Monday and Tuesday were beautiful, sunny days, so we decided to spend them outside! Biology teacher, Mr Petar Martinović, created amazing assignments which allowed Year 10 students to meet over 300 animals that live at the Zoo.

As French poet, Anatole France said: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”, and we couldn’t agree more! Year 10 students were fascinated by all the animals they got to meet and greet!

Animal petting was not forbidden, was it?

Yes, we know that we said you shouldn’t feed the animals, but we didn’t say a thing about petting them – you found a loophole when petting the goats, but we’ll give you that – we can see you were thrilled.

These two days allowed International School’s students to bond, create friendships for life and enjoy sunny days outside, with the people’s best friends – animals!

Who said Biology lessons cannot be fun?!