Eco Friendly Stamp As Symbol For  RecyclingSavremena International School is an eco-friendly school, which promotes healthy habits and environmentalism. Being environmentally conscious is as important as being well-educated, because the future of our planet is inflicted with the wise decisions of the people who take care of it – who are all of us!

With deforestation and the wasteful use of resources being major environmental issues, through our use of tablets as notepads and e-administration, we have regulated and significantly decreased the use of paper at our school. Colour-coded waste bins can be found on each floor, making it easier to sort out recycling material.

node chairOur state-of-the-art school building features good insulation in order to minimise energy consumption. The sensors regulate heat emission and adjust the indoor temperature accordingly, which also reduces the carbon foot-print index. Along with the heating system, our lightning system is designed to be eco-friendly: energy efficient light bulbs and motion sensors regulate energy consumption in each room. The school furniture is ergonomic, with an adjustable height mechanism, which promotes good body posture and healthy life style.

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