School stories

An amazing and truly different beginning of the school year is behind us. The International School welcomed its students with plenty of creative and interesting content. The traditional Classroom Without Walls helped the students bond and make friends, and together with their teachers, they had a lot of fun through play and recreation.

Making the best memories at the beginning of the school year

Year 10 and Year 11 students had a real mental and physical workout on Thursday. After warm-up, they embarked on an adventure in Zemun and Hyde Park during which the students used maps to solve tricky problems.

Year 12 students designed their future in a workshop. They had excellent fun while creating their dream CVs. There were future programmers, astronauts, artists, physicists, and even a Nobel Prize winner in astrophysics. It was unusually inspirational to think about one’s future. During the workshop, the students received valuable support from their Digital Media and Design teacher. 

Some had the pleasure of spending a relaxing day outdoors. This privilege went to Year 13 students, who spent a lovely picnic with their class teacher in Košutnjak.

Sports Day at Ada

A great sports event took place on Friday! The students displayed their sportsmanship and athletic skills in activities designed by their creative and imaginative teachers. It was a true celebration of sports and friendship! Everyone was in great spirits and enjoyed the wonderful weather at Ada.

The best school year so far has officially begun! Let it be successful, fun and COVID-free!