SGscan_optSavremena International School has joined the international Eco-school campaign initiated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) whose goal is to encourage and involve people in the preservation and development of our natural environment through educational activities.

In Serbia, this project is backed by the Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development organisation, and it includes over 12 million students in 58 countries across the world. Given Savremena’s emphasis on upholding the principles of an Eco-school, its students, teachers and all other associates make sure that their actions have a positive effect on the environment and that they raise the awareness of the people around them about the importance of such efforts.

Why is it important to be an Eco-school?

As it cultivates the awareness and worldview of students through education, Savremena International School provides them with the necessary insight into why environmental protection is important, now more so than ever. By implementing existing techniques, tweaking them and seeking out new and better solutions and innovative approaches, students are encouraged to do their part for out planet by taking part in simple yet significant efforts to preserve our natural resources.

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An Eco-school focuses on raising awareness about the following issues: climate change, flora and fauna conservation, the efficient use of energy, the consequences of waste and importance of recycling, alternative forms of transportation, the importance of clean water as a natural resource as well as the global consequences of individual actions.

How is Savremena International School saving the environment?

Savremena International School keeps its daily activities environmentally friendly by:

  • krug_slika1using modern technologies in its classes and administrative work. As a “paperless school” it makes sure that no trees are cut on its behalf because deforestation is one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time.
  • being a modern and well-insulated building it uses its energy efficiently making sure that none of it goes to waste.
  • having sensors that regulate heat emission and accordingly adjust the indoor temperature so that the school’s carbon footprint is kept at the lowest rate.
  • employing a lighting system especially designed to be energy efficient: energy-saving light bulbs and movement sensors which regulate the use of power in each classroom,
  • using ergonomic furniture and equipment, chairs whose height can be adjusted to that of the student, which improves their posture and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

During classes students learn about environmentalism through different kinds of fun, creative and interactive activities like: keeping track of how much energy is wasted, exploring the possibilities of using natural and renewable resources, learning about endangered species, conservation measures, polluted regions and environmentally friendly countries, by exploring the chemical formulas of green house gasses and the ways to decrease their emission.

An Eco-quiz at Savremena International School

Another practical example of how the concept of an Eco-school is promoted at our school is the Eco-quiz which will take place on the 24th of February at Savremena International School. For the occasion, Savremena will welcome five teams which proved to be the best during the first part of the competition.


The members of the Eco-Council which includes students, teachers and other associates will take part in the Eco-quiz as well as all the other activities within the Eco-school project.

Join our Eco-team

ana-manojlovic-likovno-2In order to ensure a brighter tomorrow, within the Eco-school project, our school has founded the Eco-Council. Anyone who cares about our environment and considers themselves a nature lover can join the council. Savremena’s Eco-team, led by School Life Coordinator Ana Manojlović will focus on making our environment a better and healthier place to live.

Being environmentally friendly is in this day and age as important as being well educated because the healthy future of our planet directly depends on our decisions and actions.

By joining the eco-team students, teachers and other associates receive a new and meaningful role as:

  • eco-reporters – thus joining a network of more than 77 000 young people around the world. With their creative ideas, photos and interesting reports, eco-reporters raise the awareness of their communities on the importance of environmentalism.
  • bird house architects – because even birds need a home which will be designed by the creative designers from the Eco-Council.
  • eco-gardeners – who love to cultivate plants and care for eco-gardens, thus making their surroundings look more beautiful and learning important things in botany along the way.
  • interior designers – with a knack for turning spaces like parks, gardens etc. into eco-friendly environments by planning tree planting activities and caring for the trees as well.
  • event organisers – making sure that the various events planned by the eco-school are organised in the best possible way.

By selecting their favourite eco-friendly activity, students help promote and further develop the Eco-School project in a fun and creative way.

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