School stories

The International School has taken part in Global Education Week (16-20 November) through numerous activities!

With the help of their Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science teachers, students created a series of social media pages made specifically with the idea of spreading awareness about air pollution.

International School’s students against air pollution

During the week, students conducted research with the help from their Geography and Chemistry teachers to collect data about air pollution in our city and region using data points available online and compare it to the world. Similar data was also gathered using the air purifiers in the school as data collectors. This research will be shared online with the aim of raising awareness of the people outside the school community.

International School’s students are aware that air pollution is not just a matter of science. With the help from Psychology, Sociology and Global Perspectives teachers, our students participated in a debate on the final day of Global Education Week aimed at answering the following question – Should the responsibility for air pollution reduction be in the hands of the citizens or in the hands of the government?

Our debate teams did research on sources of air pollutants and various ways to regulate them. The research was diligent and meticulous, their arguments very well formed and backed up with data. They presented their findings before an independent jury:

  • Ms. Marija Kovački, Chemistry Teacher
  • Mr. Uroš Jež, Year 13 student
  • Ms. Ana Vlašić, STEAM Coordinator and Physics Teacher
  • Andrej Bunjac, PhD, Mathematics Teacher and debate moderator

The presentation was also attended by a select audience of students and teachers who had an opportunity to cast a vote towards the more convincing team.

A plethora of good points was made by both teams. The team debating for government responsibility pointed out that a pollution tax could be implemented on purchasing fuels and products that are the main causes of pollution, thus increasing their prices and making them less appealing to citizens. On the other hand, the team arguing for the responsibility of individuals pointed out that the government is made up of individuals, and they are the ones who first and foremost need to make decisions to benefit the rest.

The results of the debate were extremely close. The team arguing for government responsibility in air pollution regulation won by a single jury point, while the popular vote was evenly split.

We are also very proud of our students and teachers who discussed possible solutions to Belgrade’s air pollution problem during their regular lessons. This way, they have shown that air pollution is a serious issue with global effects.

About Global Education Week

Global Education Week is a world-wide awareness-raising initiative and a call to rethink our world together, using Global Education as a tool for solidarity and change. The International School decided to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world by introducing school activities and projects related to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) with an aim of eliminating extreme poverty, reducing inequalities and combating the threat of climate change by 2030.

After Global Education Week, we are sure that our students and the rest of the school community will rethink their habits and continue to contribute to a more sustainable world!