School stories

We are all aware of this year’s unusual epidemiological situation. Nonetheless, the International School nurtures tradition and a Halloween party has always been a very important event at our school. This year, we waited after the half-term break to surprise our students!

Something happened at our school! Students’ favourite, Computer Science teacher, has gone missing! “What happened to Mr Milić?

Students solved a Morse code message in a spooky escape room challenge

Year 10 students were tasked to solve a series of challenges to figure out what happened to Mr Milić. Divided into groups of 5, they had to find the location of the first clue by decoding a Morse code message.

Other clues were hidden around the classroom, in a true escape room fashion. The students translated a binary text message, contacting the teacher via email, and then solved a sequence of syllabus related challenges from different subjects: French, Business, Physics, Mathematics, English, Chemistry and Biology. In the end, the students found out that Mr Milić was alive and well, hiding at his other station at Primary School Savremena.

Art and Design teacher, Nevena Nikolić, contributed with wonderful Halloween decorations, while Physics teacher, Ana Vlašić, dealt with the logistics and the setup. The Morse code message was written by the Mathematics teacher, Andrej Bunjac, while the syllabus questions were provided by the corresponding subject teachers.

We thank everyone for providing students with a fun and festive Halloween activity!