School stories

International School students had an opportunity to learn about the unique Global Perspectives programme last week. The school took part in a project called Global Perspectives Week in which the students learnt how to develop skills for the future while raising awareness about global issues. Global Perspectives Week took place from 1 to 7 March 2020.

About Global Perspectives Week

The Cambridge Global Perspectives programme offers students from primary schools upwards the chance to develop life-long skills, including critical thinking, research and collaboration. Students are encouraged to think across traditional subject boundaries and learn more about global issues.

During the Global Perspectives Week, each lesson focused on developing one key skill. The findings of the Global Perspectives Survey were revealed, featuring the views of thousands of students on global issues, as well as student and teacher stories on what they love about Cambridge Global Perspectives.

The schools that were involved in this project shared what they were doing in their Global Perspectives lessons that week on social media using the hashtag #GlobalPerspectivesWeek.

International School involvement

Year 10 students prepared the lessons in which they learned how to evaluate different sources. The main objective was developing the skill to criticize and evaluate the sources. In these lessons, the students were focused on climate change issues. They were divided in teams so the evaluation lists could be shared among students.

Take a look at our photos and video on Instagram with the hashtag #GlobalPerspectivesWeek, and discover our teachers and the students’ unique approach to analyzing topics they are passionate about.