School stories

After the wonderful success of Elena Ćuća and Una Ivanović, who were winners in the first round of the exciting international online competition Owlypia, we are sharing good news again!

10 students won medal certificates

The second round of the Owlypia online competition was held on Saturday, 14 March and ten of our students showed amazing knowledge in various categories. The medal certificates are given based on the following percentages of the participating students:

Gold medal: in top 15%
Silver medal: 16 – 35%
Bronze medal: 36 – 60%

  • So, a shout out to our gold medal winners:
    • Aleksandra Ivanović in Social Sciences
    • Nina Živaljević in Economics and Business
    • Staša Milenković in Literature and Culture
  • Silver medal winners:
    • Anja Gajić in Science and Technology
    • Maša Mitić in Social Sciences
    • Mihailo Jovanović in Art and Design
  • Bronze medal winners:
    • Hailey Bilješković in Social Sciences
    • Iva Rakočević in Science and Technology
    • Sofia Šćepanović in Science and Technology
    • Sofija Terzić in Economics and Business

International School’s students competed with their peers from other countries and showcased their knowledge and skills in their favourite subject areas.

We are so very proud of you, guys!