School stories

Another week, another sport success at International School Savremena. Savremena’s Year 12 student, Sava Radović, a tennis player, won his senior title in singles in Belgrade last weekend. It seems like we have a lot to be proud of these days. Isn’t it great?!

Next stop – Antalya

After defeating Dražen Petrović from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the finals, Sava packed his racket and headed to Antalya for his very first professional tour. The tournament started on 10 February and Sava’s first opponent in Antalya was from the Netherlands. We are sure this is going to be an easy one for Sava!

Twelve years of dedication

Professional tennis is a highly competitive sport that requires dedication, persistence and natural talent. Sava has been training daily to reach a professional level. He started extremely young, at the age of six, and since then he’s been ruling the tennis court.

He is hardworking, responsible and extremely fast. He fights for every point and is able to turn the game to his advantage in no time. Besides, Sava knows the sacrifices he has to make in order to become the best. It’s already paying off, right?!

Everyone at International School Savremena is cheering for Sava! There is no doubt that he is making a name for himself in the world of tennis.