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LINK eSports is an association that is already widely known to the students of International School, Savremena Gimnazija and Information Technology High School – ITHS, as well as students of Information Technology School – ITS and the Faculty of Contemporary Arts. They have already had the opportunity to participate in various events and tournaments as proud members of this association.

We hereby officially inform you that the LINK eSports website has been launched and you can visit it now at the link:

You can get the latest information about all the events in which LINK eSports took part on the official website by visiting the NEWS section.

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you want to see the atmosphere that the members of LINK eSports create at their gatherings, visit the GALLERY section, which will be regularly updated with the latest photos.

For true eSports enthusiasts, we have also provided a great selection of MERCH products that also includes the original LINK eSports jersey.

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