School stories

The students, accompanied by their art, history, and biology teachers, had the opportunity to observe some of the most significant works in the history of Serbian art. Predić’s works, known for their technical precision and emotional depth, provided the students with a valuable insight into Serbian cultural heritage.

Learning Through Direct Interaction with Art

During the visit, the students discussed the stylistic characteristics of Predić’s art, his influence on the Serbian art scene, and the historical context in which these works were created. These experiences not only helped them understand the theoretical aspects of art and design but also inspired them for their own creative projects.

This educational trip represented an important step in their education, allowing them to apply their knowledge in the real world and connect with the artistic heritage on a deeper level. The SANU Gallery provided the ideal environment for this type of interactive learning, and the visit further enriched their curriculum.

The students returned from the exhibition with new knowledge and inspiration, ready to apply what they had learned in upcoming assessments and future artistic endeavors.