As a school which prides itself on a curriculum aligned with that of Cambridge University, International School Savremena is the most frequent choice of students. Some of them will continue their education abroad, and the Cambridge diploma will significantly facilitate their academic advancement. However, those who decide to enrol at university in Serbia are required to know what the necessary steps are with regard to the nostrification of this diploma.

What is the recognition procedure for the Cambridge diploma?

This procedure refers to the equation of the Cambridge diploma with the appropriate public document obtained in the Republic of Serbia, aimed at creating favourable conditions for students so they could continue their education in Serbia without any obstacles. 

The Serbian Qualifications Agency, located at 51 Majke Jevrosime street, is the responsible body where you can initiate this procedure.

What do you require?

In order to initiate the procedure, submit the following documents:

  1. Original document of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE, Cambridge Assessment International Examination) 
  2. A notarised photocopy of the IGCSE certificate 
  3. Original document of the IGCSE certificate translated into Serbian by a sworn translator
  4. Original document of the International General Certificate of Education (ICE, Cambridge Assessment International Examination)
  5. A notarised photocopy of the ICE certificate
  6. Original document of the ICE certificate translated into Serbian by a sworn translator
  7. Photocopies of Report Cards for Y10 to Y13, issued by International School Savremena. These photocopies need not be translated into Serbian or notarised. 
  8. You also need to fill out the form provided by the Agency. We advise you to personally collect the form at the Qualifications Agency, as the one that can be found on their website is out of date.

You can find detailed information about the procedure of recognising foreign school documents HERE.

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