With its Future Ready title, International School Savremena not only invests effort into creating a motivational environment for its students’ development, but also constantly strives to provide its teachers with additional knowledge and skills.

This is why prior to the beginning of the new school year, a series of workshops will take place at school premises at  Belgrade Palace (5 Kralja Milana Street) and 45 Šumatovačka Street , which will respond to the teachers’ professional needs, help them develop professionally and create an even better relationship with their students.

Truly different teachers

The teachers at International School Savremena  are young, highly- educated people with MA and PhD degrees, and abundant experience in primary and secondary schools, universities, as well as domestic and foreign science institutes. They speak fluent Serbian and English, as well as other foreign languages.

Modern teaching methods and state-of-the-art classroom technology, including  iPads, tablets, laptops, interactive whiteboards and tables, 3D pens, scanners and printers, among many other smart devices, enable Savremena’s teachers to easily convey knowledge and skills to new generations in their intelligent classrooms.

Useful and interesting lectures

The topics at these workshops allow Savremena’s teachers to enhance the techniques that enable them to efficiently convey knowledge and values, and foster a positive environment. This way, the teachers will enrich their teaching methods and adopt new practical skills and knowledge that will be beneficial to everyday activities with Savremena’s students.

Topics adjusted to each programme

All teachers at International School Savremena will take part in the workshops that have been adjusted to their corresponding programmes. The topics are classified into four groups: strengthening capacities, raising self-confidence, developing creativity and adopting innovation.

Strengthening capacities: admin team and school procedures, student behaviour, class teachers and mentorship, lesson planning.

Raising self-confidence: successful communication skills, building authority and teacher competence, learning disorders (dyslexia and dysgraphia), orthography and business correspondence.

Developing creativity: marking and evaluation methods, interdisciplinary lessons, creating and marking tests, lesson structure and dynamics, and group work.

Adopting innovation: Google and other educational apps for better learning, using the interactive whiteboard and the e-diary.

Some of the workshops for teachers include:


  • Reflective practice as an asset in teachers’ professional development
  • A methodical workshop – contemporary teaching models
  • Form teachers – teachers in their most important role
  • A short introduction to the Cambridge Programme
  • Learning about school administration and procedures needn’t be boring
  • One click, two clicks, DONE!
  • Organising your G-Drive
  • The teacher as a mentor and form teacher
  • Creating tests and taking exams at Savremena
  • Do I need to follow the rules?
  • Learning about Google apps and other apps designed to make your lessons as creative as possible
  • How to communicate with parents?
  • Interdisciplinary lessons – what are they like and why do they matter?
  • Learning about the subjects and a contemporary approach to teaching
  • Understanding critical thinking in adolescents
  • How using games in lessons contributes to the development of children.



What are the benefits for the students and their parents?

A competent teacher will help the student achieve better results, which consequently contributes to the satisfaction of the parents.

In other words, if a teacher understands their school, from the minute details (e.g. logging on to the Platform for Students), to understanding the school’s code of conduct and how to facilitate the students’ learning process, then the communication between the teacher and the students will be void of any misunderstandings that may cause problems. And the parents, on the other hand, can approach the teacher who will provide them with an adequate and detailed response to any question.

Compulsory attendance for all teachers

Taking into account that International School Savremena is determined to prepare its teachers as best as possible, attendance at the workshops is compulsory. As early as 1 September, the teachers will have the opportunity to display all the skills gained at these professional development workshops.

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