PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is an international assessment measuring student performance in reading, mathematical and scientific literacy, aimed at enabling the students to apply their skills in tests comprising multiple disciplines.

This test includes areas such as natural sciences, writing, mathematics and innovative subjects including collaborative problem solving and financial literacy.

The test is in English and measures the students’ performance so as to provide them with guidelines for their further education and career. In addition, it is designed to bring together 15-year-olds and teach them to work and communicate in a team. Finally, the students with the best performance in the test are selected and given the opportunity to use their potential and knowledge. 

The aim of this survey is to encourage countries to learn from each other.

Learn how:

  • PISA measures the seven levels of proficiency in science;
  • Scientific questions are classified into categories in order to provide different context and test various skills. 

If you wish, you can test your knowledge with the PISA 2015 Test Questions.

About PISA

The PISA survey is the leading instrument for the evaluation of the quality, fairness and efficiency of education systems, whose results show the students’ functional knowledge and provide guidelines for the areas which require improvement in order to achieve the desired standards. The results also show how the students’ knowledge ranks among more than 200 countries participating in this international study.

The survey itself is organised under the patronage of OECD and Serbia is part of this project on account of the decision made by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

Testing Savremena’s students

International School Savremena offers PISA testing to its students in order to help them rationalise their understanding of concepts from various areas.

This way, International School Savremena follows contemporary educational trends and harmonises its education policy with the students’ academic goals.

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