School stories

LINK Internship for International School’s students officially started on 01 June 2022. Most of the exams have finished and the students got the opportunity to acquire professional skills in the LINK Internship programme.

This time, we bring you the news from the LINK group’s department for Human Resources – popularly known as HR. Mia Aleksić and Helena Čalić, Year 11 students, applied for their internship in the HR department. Their mentor, Nikola Goljović, LINK group’s Recruiter, introduced them to the recruitment process and analysis behind it. Our amazing girls surprised their “colleagues” with their wit and knowledge, since they already created two official job postings and performed the pre-selection process.

But wait – there’s more! Internship will not provide you with the professional experience only, it will also provide you with the opportunity to adopt valuable life skills. Mia and Helena created their LinkedIn accounts and started with their posts and networking, which will surely come in handy when they start their own job applications. Their presence during the recruitment process and the interviews will only enhance their already amazing communication skills.

Girls, well done!