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LINK Internship programme for International School students officially started on June 1, 2022. Most of the Cambridge exams have finished by then and the students got the opportunity to acquire some professional skills within the LINK Internship programme.

LINK Group’s HR department would like to introduce to you Rastko Savić, International School Year 13 student, who applied for the internship programme and is now sharing his experience:

“I already have internship experience as I was a marketing intern last year under the mentorship of Ms Tijana Milošević, which was highly beneficial for me, as I already understood the majority of marketing processes due to the lectures of Ms Tatjana Vilček, International School Business teacher. However, only now, during the internship programme, did I get a chance to see the differences between theory and practice.

Furthermore, I showed immense interest in the field of Psychology in the previous year and under the wing of my School Mentor and Psychology teacher, Mr Aleksandar Petrović, who helped me to understand the field of human psyche deeply and provided me with just the right learning material to build an impeccable knowledge base for my future pursuit in Psychology.

This knowledge has prompted me to try and combine my interests in business and psychology into one and to, once again, apply for the LINKgroup’s internship programme. However, this time within the HR department.

My mentor, Mr Nikola Goljović, LINKgroup’s recruiter, introduced me to all primary, as well as secondary functions of working in HR, and the analytical processes that go on behind the scenes.

I believe that this internship also helped me understand the similarities and differences between HR and Marketing, and how they can complement each other. I noticed that Marketing mostly focuses on the external audience by presenting something, while HR focuses on the internal audience and employees’ functionality and well-being.

Working with Ms Maja Bogdanović, LINKgroup’s HR assistant and Ms Katarina Mašić, LINKgroup’s recruiter, I attended multiple job and internship interviews, getting to see job interviews from a different perspective and learn how I can one day excel in my job interviews.

Noticing all that one should have when applying for a job, while simultaneously seeing the bigger picture, which is substantial for both the company and the applicant, made me see ways in which I can have a great jump-start as well as improvement in my future career.

I greatly value the given opportunities and my mentors at LINK and International School.”

LINK Internship, without any doubt, helped Rastko to gain valuable experience that would be highly beneficial to him later in a professional environment. Guess it’s not that hard to have a great personality and be a good student and colleague at the same time. We are proud of you, Rastko!