School stories

LINK eSports participated in this year’s “Games.CON” festival, which was held in the period from November 25 to 27 at the Belgrade Fair.

As this is the biggest esports event in our country, members of LINK eSports took part as competitors in various disciplines. Some of the disciplines in which our players showed exceptional competitive spirit and achieved great results are Valorant, TFT, FIFA, CS:GO, Tekken and Mortal Kombat 11.

Great fair play and results of our gamers

This year, the outstanding LINK eSportsmen were Nemanja Jokić and Bojan Vaselek, both students of ITS. At the FIFA tournament, Nemanja reached the quarter-finals and thus qualified in the top eight out of a total of one hundred and twenty-eight competitors. Bojan participated in the TFT tournament where he reached the same level of competition where he needed only one more point to qualify for the semifinals.

This was a great experience for all members of LINK eSports and we are proud that we went to such a big event with teams of ambitious players who showed great fair play through competitive esports and achieved great results.

You can see the atmosphere of the event in the photo gallery.