School stories

On Tuesday, 4 June, Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students had an exciting excursion to Avala, accompanied by their teachers Aleksandra Strugar, Marija Milić, Ljubica Pavasović, and Aleksandar Ernjaković. This trip provided a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience Avala’s natural beauty, cultural significance, and historical features, which have been protected since 1859.

The teachers guided the students through various points of interest, explaining why Avala remains a favorite destination for nature enthusiasts. Students enjoyed learning about the rich history and diverse flora and fauna of the area. The trip also allowed the students to enjoy the peaceful environment and take a break from their daily school routine.

Students were well-prepared for the day, bringing along water, snacks, and sunscreen. The day was filled with fun, learning, and a lot of walking, ensuring everyone had a memorable experience. The excursion not only provided educational value but also fostered a greater appreciation for the natural world among the students.