School stories

International School students are always happy to show altruism and kindness. Whenever they can, they help the children who need it and make them feel loved and cared for. This year, the students once again helped those in need – this time they provided snacks for the children at the Drop-In Centre.

Year 10 students and students attending the Lower Secondary programme, as part of LINK KidZ and Youth Without Borders Community Club, prepared a lot of snacks for the kids in order to provide the support they need and make their everyday life just a bit easier. The students enjoyed talking to the children there and agreed to help them with their school obligations.

Helping others and learning life lessons

We all know how difficult life is for those children, and how much they appreciate all the help and charity that comes their way. With a little contribution from our students, the children from the Drop-In Centre will undoubtedly have a happier childhood, even for a bit.

Helping others feels good, but it also helps us learn valuable life lessons.