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Enrolment for the Class of 2024/25 is still underway! Secure your child an education at our incomparably modern IB and Cambridge school 

Modern and high-quality education is not an exclusive privilege to be enjoyed only by a wealthy minority that can spare tens of thousands of euros each year, but a right that should be made available to all those who can and wish to secure their child the education they deserve.

With that in mind, we have decided to offer you a unique chance to enrol your child into our incomparably modern IB and Cambridge school with a tuition fee discount as well as the possibility of covering the fees in 12 monthly instalments. That will ensure your child gets the best education currently available in Serbia, for 744 euros a month.

The aforementioned discounts and benefits are available within the registration period i.e. by 1 June.

So, make sure you secure a spot, reap the benefits and ensure a bright and successful future for your child.

Your best investment into the future

You have probably toyed with the idea or daydreamed about it, but have you ever thought that securing your child an IB or a Cambridge-grade education and a successful academic future was more than just wishful thinking? Now, it has become an attainable reality.

International School

With a discount on tuition fees, we have made the esteemed education available to everyone, and that includes your family. To put things into perspective, the monthly fee for your child receiving a high-quality education at an elite school is less than the instalment for your car loan or what you pay for groceries in a month, not to mention larger expenditures. As a responsible parent, aware of the importance of a good education, you know exactly how crucial it is to find the right secondary school for your child.

The right choice will make all the difference and affect them in a variety of ways. High-quality education doesn’t just entail the acquisition of knowledge but highly motivated and fully committed teaching as well. Apart from the skill-set that will open the doors to prestigious universities your child will graduate from our school as a fine-mannered, good-natured and all-round outstanding individual.

That’s why it is incredibly important that you make the right decision on time to enjoy the enrolment benefits available by 1 June.

Schedule a meeting and inquire about anything that interests you and your child

It would be best to inquire about everything in more detail by calling (011) 4011 220 or via email Make sure to call us right away because the offer expires soon and the fees are bound to increase!

With all of the listed advantages offered by International School, if you are abroad or simply too busy, you can schedule a video meeting with our coordinators or the Principal and find out everything you wish to know about International School, the enrollment terms and available benefits.

You can contact the school and schedule a meeting whenever it suits you. This is another way to assist all of those who wish to find out more about International School but are unable to attend a meeting in person.

Feel free to call us, email us and schedule a meeting to inquire about anything that interests you. We are here to answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need.

What makes International School the right choice?

International School follows the Cambridge, Cambridge DL and IB curriculum which upholds the highest educational standards and enables students to receive world-class Cambridge and IB qualifications once they graduate. New technologies including tablets, interactive whiteboards, an e-diary and a unique eLearning platform are all used as teaching aids.

Students spend their school day in especially designed classrooms ‒ the Intelligent Classroom and the Google Technology Classroom, while the leisure and study areas are fully adapted to their needs and thus yield optimal results by virtue of a hassle-free and fun learning experience.

In addition to all of that, learning is interactive, creative and interesting because our teachers are all esteemed experts in their fields with an ever-present desire to develop their competencies and to impart highly-practical knowledge students will actually be able to use.

Your child has the opportunity to pursue their education in a modern environment, under excellent working conditions and receive prestigious qualifications for 744 euros a month. Everyone deserves that.

Save 2,000 euros per year

Depending on the programme you select, registering by the 1 June will save you 2,000 euros.

The number of spots is limited so register by 1 June to receive an enrolment discounts »

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