If you are not registered as a student at our school but you would still like to attend English-mediated lessons in your favourite subjects, then we have just the thing for you – the Advantage Package within the optional Cambridge Programme.

Customise your list of subjects

This programme is intended for students of other secondary schools, either public or private, who are looking to add subject-specific knowledge and English proficiency to their competencies. For example, if a secondary school student wishes to study medicine abroad they may decide to attend English-mediated biology and chemistry lessons at International School.

The Cambridge programme allows you to pick only those subjects which will be included in the entrance exam at your faculty of choice. That way, you can customise your list of subjects to include as many as you want or need, those of course being only subject you are deeply interested in, the ones you are good at and the ones you wish to pursue and explore even further.

Don’t think your English is good enough? No problem!

To qualify, a student must speak English well enough to understand teaching conducted in English.

If you would like to attend this programme but lack the language abilities to do so, you may be interested in signing up for our preparatory courses which were designed to enable potential students to meet the required language standards. Our school is currently offering an array of subjects students can choose from and the tuition fee is determined based on the number of subjects you select.

Years 10 and 11 may choose from the following:

Years 12 and 13 may choose from the following:

Online learning support

Given that the Cambridge programme is very interesting, but also quite demanding, lessons are conducted in the evening hours or on weekends so that they don’t interfere with the student’s academic obligations and workload at primary school.

The number of contact hours is reduced, which is why students will have to complete assignments on the online platform and work independently from home. The platform can be accessed 24/7 and students can communicate with their teachers through email and chat messages. Students are expected to keep track of the academic calendar for the given school year and hand in their assignments at the same time as regular students.

Preparing for universities abroad

Cambridge International Qualifications are recognised across the world thanks to the high academic standards and functional knowledge they reflect. Each theoretical unit is complemented by its practical counterpart, thus allowing students to attain comprehensive insight into any given subject.

Students who opt for this programme can take Cambridge examinations in selected subjects and receive a certificate for their results. These certificates are not equivalent to the ICE or AICE diploma, but they are official documents nonetheless, that can be used for applying to universities abroad. Having attended preparatory courses of this calibre, universities across the world are sure to hold their doors wide open for you.

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