In order to bring learning materials closer to students and make learning as interesting as possible, Savremena has enriched its lessons with contemporary devices, such as the 3D pen, 3D printer and 3D scanner, which have already become an integral part of the teaching practice at prestigious educational institutions around the world.

3D drawing with the 3D printing pen

3D olovkaAt school, Savremena’s students can use the 3D pen, which allows them to literally draw in all 3 dimensions and create tangible objects.

Its creators say that it’s the “most available 3D printing method”. Learning with the 3D pen will be more interesting than ever, since the students will understand the learning material and the world around them more easily.

Using the 3D pen, students can instantly create anything that comes to mind during lessons. In case something is not clear enough, the teachers will draw it and instantly create it in real space. Therefore, the students will not have to imagine what “something looks like”, as the 3D pen will enable them to easily bring their ideas to life.

3D scanner for a digital reality

3D skenerSavremena’s students can also use the 3D scanner that efficiently and quickly gathers 3D data, creating a digital model as the final product.

This may sound like science fiction, but it’s not; today, we can use the 3D scanner to create a digital model in a matter of minutes, which is something Savremena’s students will be able to see for themselves.

This scanner is automatic, faster and more accurate than others, yielding much better results; this is why Savremena has added it to its collection of gadgets.

3D printer that can create anything you imagine

3D štampačThe 3D printer has revolutionised the way objects are created, as it can print almost anything – parts of machinery, human organs, toys, food…

This way, Savremena’s students will not find biology, maths, geography, history, art and other lessons to be abstract, since the explanations provided using the 3D printer will make the material embedded in their memory for a long time.

3D printing creates objects layer by layer, which has significantly altered the manufacturing process in countries such as the USA. Now, Savremena’s students will have the chance to see how the 3D printer works and use its products.

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