School stories

International School’s students know how important promotion is in the marketing mix and they decided to apply their knowledge of product positioning and repositioning of local brands with well-known advertisements.

Business teacher, Tatjana Vilček, assigned a simple task – to create an advertisement for a local brand that our students are already familiar with. Each group of students picked one product from the teacher’s box and started brainstorming on how to present that product the best.

But here’s the catch! Because students were very creative and eager to present their marketing skills, the Business teacher made this task a competition. All International School teachers participated with their vote.

The advertisements made us have a sweet tooth; the students made us laugh and sing along, and all the teachers enjoyed the creative ideas and presentations.

It was hard for us to choose, but all the teachers made an effort and finally decided on the first, second and third place winners!

The Advertisement for the Animal Kingdom chocolate bar by Year 10 students Mina Pavlović, Grigor Pantelić, Luka Stojković and Nicolas Bertolotti was nostalgic, but it also made us smile. Check it out and let us know what you think!

A well-known local brand, Chips Way, has a new ad! Year 10 students Sergije Stojanović Louis, Helena Čalić, Mia Aleksić and Andrea Vukčević created a masterpiece! Additionally, the music was composed and performed by our student Sergije Stojanović Louis. You can see this advertisement here – prepare yourself to be thrilled!

Year 12 students Mia Van Doren, Sara Novaković, Sofija Sremčević and Nikola Borjan used their digital skills to create this amazing advertisement for the best-known desert bar – “bananica”! Upon seeing this advertisement, all the teachers craved a sweet treat and we bet you couldn’t resist either when you saw the ad.

We can’t wait to see more of these competitions in the future!