School stories

The challenging health situation in the world did not stop our students from triumphing in international swimming competitions!

In the city of Burgas, Bulgaria, Anja Kaljević entered the international swimming competition which lasted for three days 6–8 November. Despite the challenges – qualifying round in the morning and competition races in the afternoon – she managed to win two gold medals and one silver medal in relay races, and even three bronze medals in individual medley competitions!

Tea Ćulibrk also achieved remarkable results! Year 11 student once again showed the region who rules the swimming pools. The past few months were very successful for Tea – she won seven medals!

Of course, this wasn’t enough for our golden girls!

An international swimming competition in Skopje, North Macedonia took place 14–15 November. International School students, Tea Ćulibrk, and Anja and Mina Kaljević, achieved amazing results and won medals at the Skopje Open swimming championship!

Anja participated in the 2002-2005 category as the youngest participant and won two gold, two silver and two bronze medals in the individual medley competition, while in the same category, Mina won three silver medals and one bronze medal, also as the youngest participant!

Nothing can stop our students from achieving the best results!

The International School is proud of Tea, Anja and Mina and is awaiting more successful stories in the future!