School stories

Last Friday, Year 12 and Year 13 International School students participated in interesting activities dedicated to the inclusion of children. The students took part in the Children’s Week, an event organised by the humanitarian organisation Children’s Heart. Through cooperation and solidarity, students and activists of the humanitarian organisation showed once again that there is so much more to say about the topic of inclusion.

Inclusion activities at school

Inclusion implies the inclusion of children in the social life of the community at all levels, both in the family, from birth, and in society as a whole.

As part of one of the activities, our students visited the Sounds of the Heart cafe in Čuburska Street, where they had the opportunity to be trained by people with disabilities to work as bartenders and waiters, but also to participate with them in creative workshops where they learnt how to sew on a sewing machine, do embroidery, draw and print on cups, and create T-shirts with the logo and message Together we promote Children’s Week.