School stories

The BIMUN 2020 conference was officially opened on Friday, 9 October, and, as you probably already know, the International School had its participants. The topic of the plenary discussion was “The future we want, the UN we need”.

Despite the changed circumstances due to the pandemic, they’ve managed to find a way to organise BIMUN in a responsible manner for all dedicated and ambitious young people who want to improve their skills and gain new knowledge.

Debating world problems

Model UN is a simulation of the work of UN bodies, a programme which is being implemented in more than 80 countries as a means of learning about world problems and ways to resolve them within the framework of the UN. In this educational simulation, students take on the roles of diplomats, representing different countries and discussing specific topics that are mentioned in the agenda. Participants, as delegates, develop strategies, prepare resolutions, negotiate, solve conflicts, following the procedures of the UN.

Our students – diplomats to be

Year 13 students Elena Ćuća, Anja Gajić, Sara Čučaković and Iva Pavlović took part in the 17th BIMUN conference. For all of them it was quite a fun and memorable experience.

Elena Ćuća represented the country of Argentina in the Human Rights Council and discussed the elimination and prevention of child, early and forced marriage.

Sara Čučaković took part in the Security Council Crisis Committee where she participated as a delegate of India on the topic of escalating violence on the Arabian Peninsula. Sara went straight into research and thoroughly enjoyed advocating other countries’ interests – even if she personally disagreed with them.

Anja Gajić represented the delegation of Japan. She found participating in BIMUN fun and useful, as it allowed her to practise public speaking skills.

This conference helped Iva Pavlović become more aware of the problems faced by the UN. In addition, she met amazing people with whom she participated in resolving major global issues.

This was a great opportunity for motivated young people to not only learn about the UN, diplomacy and global issues, but to make new friends as well.