School stories

The International School, a member of the LINK Educational Alliance, has adopted an education strategy. The strategy is based on the best educational and psychological practices implemented by globally renowned education systems that have proven to be highly successful in developing different teaching methods and solutions.
In addition, a distinctive feature of the strategy is the fact that it has been harmonised with a series of guidelines published by Cambridge Assessment International Education, providing the International School with an enhanced teaching model in line with contemporary trends in education.

A holistic approach to the development of International School students

In accordance with the new strategy, the teaching model focuses on the holistic approach to the development of International School students. This entails not only learning and mastering the curriculum, but also developing the determination and motivation to achieve excellent academic results, while strengthening digital competences of students and teachers at the International School.

Taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic, the new strategy has brought significant innovation to online teaching. It includes the analysis of recorded lessons, which is an excellent opportunity for teachers to self-observe and adapt to student needs.

Interdisciplinary approach through creative project-based learning

As part of project-based learning, the teachers have the freedom to enrich lessons and motivate students in virtual or real classrooms. On the other hand, International School students can design project assignments after mastering the subject topics and content with the teachers.

Another important segment are workshops based on the Cambridge approach. Similarly to the new teaching and learning standards set by Cambridge University, LINK’s model entails social and emotional learning and support to students in the form of workshops, group meetings and “one-on-one” discussions.

Innovative Distance Learning Platform

The Distance Learning Platform is an excellent tool for following the progress of International School students through homework. The platform provides students and parents with learning support through live streamed lessons. The system also includes text messages which remind students and parents of their school obligations.

Through the DL platform, the students and parents can follow lessons synchronously or asynchronously, which is a great advantage during the pandemic. Video lessons are available in the archive, which means that students can access them 24/7 from any location. A classroom without time and geographic limitations is a vision of education implemented by LINK group as we speak.

Through an innovative programme and the unique LINK education strategy, the International School and other LINK Educational Alliance institutions are successfully responding to teaching challenges, aligning their solutions to global standards.