School stories

Yet another truly different school year in every sense has officially started. On 1 September, the International School organised a reception for its students and welcomed them after months of not seeing each other in person. The teachers met some of them for the first time and, without any doubt, it was exciting for both parties.

Equipped with face masks and hand sanitizers, the students of Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 came back to the familiar classrooms and hallways, while Year 10 students became acquainted with the school where they would spend their time studying, talking with friends, and partaking in inspirational and educational lessons with their teachers.

The reception for the first day of school was held in the school cafeteria. The executive manager of the school, Zorana Živanović, addressed the students and wished them another successful school year and the teachers introduced themselves, one by one. After the reception, the students received their uniforms, face masks and stationery to use throughout the year, as well as information on their school accounts, lessons and school regulations.

We wish our students a successful and fun school year and good health. Let’s go!