School stories

Students of the International School attended another interesting and useful presentation on Monday, 9 February, given by representatives of University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Economics. What was particularly interesting was the presentation of Economics and Finance, and Business and Management – English mediated international programmes created in cooperation with London School of Economics.

A variety of choices

The bachelor programme offered by the Faculty of Economics is diverse. The faculty offers interesting undergraduate and graduate studies in economics, banking and finance, international economics, accounting, management, marketing, statistics and quantitative economics.

In addition, this faculty has an innovative and contemporary approach to studies and the curricula and syllabi are constantly updated to mirror the global changes in education systems and the labour market.

Choosing the right career path

Living in this highly competitive world, the students are required to choose their future career paths wisely. The multinational and multi-ethnic nature of the working environment requires great interaction and cooperation between different educational institutions. An example of this are the programmes created in cooperation with London School of Economics.

The International School believes in a proactive approach to choosing one’s calling. This is why the ambitious and dedicated students were presented with an opportunity to learn everything about University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Economics, which has a well-developed network of companies offering internships to students and enabling them to acquire invaluable skills for their future.